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How to Plan a Destination Wedding

The beauty of unprecedented white-sand beaches and upscale All-Inclusive Resorts in unique sites with incredible views, as well as old cities with magnificent architecture and romantic environments, lend an incomparable and majestic backdrop and an ideal atmosphere for a great romantic wedding.


There are many places to choose from, and each one is unique and ideal for couples planning a destination wedding. Destination weddings are becoming of the first choices for people who want something more than a traditional wedding. However, you will need to pay close attention to some things you should know and think about when planning your destination wedding.

Destination weddings usually cost less than traditional weddings. So, when planning your destination wedding, the month you want to marry will substantially influence the cost of your wedding. Every destination has a high season and a low season when prices reflect demand. In the Caribbean, for example, high season runs from mid-December through mid-April. Weddings in Caribbean resorts vary in price across the area, anything from a few hundreds to many thousands of dollars depending which country, time of the year, resort and package you take.

You can plan your destination wedding yourself, but it requires a lot of work and expertise. When planning your destination wedding, you should consider that there are All-Inclusive Resorts as well as wedding planners that offer different wedding packages with very good deals for you and your guests, so you will not take risks. These wedding packages include all the niceties required for the wedding, as well as wedding coordinators, to help you to set everything according to your desire. They are prepared to handle every aspect of this major occasion in a more practical and cost-effective way.

Choose a memorable location for your special day. You need to choose the right place and plan everything in advance, from your dream destination to your wedding budget. Finding the right destination and the right type of wedding is to be considered when planning your destination wedding. If you want your destination wedding on the beach or in an upscale All-Inclusive Resort, you should look for destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, Mexico or the Bahamas. If you are looking for an exotic place, Hawaii is a marvellous tropical oasis. In Italy you can enjoy its magnificent architecture and romantic churches and it is also the city of love. If you want to get married in a fabulous romantic city, Venice is a great option.


Decide your wedding date with enough time in advance. Make sure the wedding date is available at the All-Inclusive Resort or hotel you would like to stay and, of course, make sure that the judge is available too. Wedding dates start to disappear a year in advance, make sure you check!

Although destination weddings can be cheaper, when planning your destination wedding you will also need to keep your guests' budgets in mind, as your dream resort may be too expensive for your favorite friends and family. A destination wedding could be a fun and relaxing getaway for you and your guests, but you should plan it together to guarantee the result exceeds their expectations.

If you wish to marry abroad you must make sure you know and follow the marriage laws of the country you intend to marry in. There are many wedding destinations all around the world to get married, but some destinations are more difficult for a wedding than others because of language or wedding regulations. Make sure that your marriage can be authenticated to be registered in your country. Many countries are legally quite easy to get married in; you will just need a short residency requirement before your destination wedding ceremony takes place.

Decide whether you want a civil or religious ceremony when planning your destination wedding. Civil ceremonies are easier to arrange than the religious ones. However religious weddings are usually possible in many destinations for many faiths including Christianity, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist and more. If you are looking for a religious ceremony, keep in mind that not every destination offers the same religious services. So, you need to make it a part of your selection.

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