Prices Playa Pesquero in Holguin

Prices Playa Pesquero (5 Star Resort)
3rd Person
Jan 04 - Feb 28 ALL-INCL
March 01 - March 31 ALL-INCL
April 01- April 30 ALL-INCL
May 01 - July 14 ALL-INCL
July 15 - Aug 24 ALL-INCL
Aug 25 - Oct 31 ALL-INCL
Children's Rates
Young Children (0 -2 yrs) FREE
Children (3 - 12 yrs) 1st child FREE / 2nd child 50% of Double Rate
Room Types All prices are for Standard Rooms
Superior Rooms Add $15 to price
Transfers Ask us about transfer prices

Terminology for Price Listing

Currency Prices for Cuba hotels are in Canadian Dollars
Rates Rates are per person per night stay in hotel
Taxes & Fees There are none - what you see is what you pay!
Double Rate per person based on Double Occupancy
3rd Person Rate for 3rd adult staying in Room
Single Rate for an adult having room to themself
Transfers Ask for price of transfers

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Prices Playa Pesquero info:

Our prices Playa Pesquero are the lowest anywhere guaranteed. There is no way that the competition can possibly sell at these prices without losing money. We know that because we sell the competition their rooms and we sell them to them for the same price as we offer them to you.

Take advantage of these wholesale Playa Pesquero prices to take your family to the nicest beach in the world. Nobody ever returns from Playa Pesquero wishing they'd chosen another resort. Feel confident in your decision to book this hotel - it's a beautiful hotel whose staff work very hard to make you feel pampered during your stay.


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