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We are your source for the best Caribbean vacations at the best price. All Inclusive Resorts Inc has been delivering the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts for over twenty years. In that time we have become the largest Caribbean wholesaler in the industry. If you have traveled to the Caribbean and did not book your hotel with us, more than likely the people you bought it from did.

Our Mandate: Deliver THE Lowest Prices.

Our mission statement at All Inclusive Resorts is different from most in the travel industry. Our mandate is to offer the absolute lowest prices to the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts and to do it with personalized service that is unparalleled. We sign all of our own contracts with each of the hotels. That way we can ensure the best prices available which translates into savings that we pass onto you. If we haven’t flown to a hotel to inspect it and met with the owner to secure our rooms, you won’t find it here.

How do we know our prices are the lowest?

We offer the lowest prices anywhere to the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts, we are the biggest wholesaler in the business. The hotel sells to the wholesaler who sells to the retailer who sells to the individual. Each level needs to make a profit. By eliminating the retailer, we are saving you the cost associated with the retailers’ profit. Retailers cannot compete with our prices because they pay our prices.

So why don’t you buy directly from the hotel? As a wholesaler we buy a large quantity of hotel rooms and as such can negotiate low, low prices on the best Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts. Result, we offer the lowest prices ANYWHERE!

Need help with your booking?

If you have questions about your booking or just want someone to walk you through it, feel free to call our toll-free number. When you call All Inclusive Resorts Inc you will speak directly with us. When we leave the office at the end of the day, your calls are transferred directly to our homes.

We don’t believe in using a “call center”, our commitment is to provide personalized service to you. You don’t just know our name, you know our family.We work with our customers directly because no one knows our business or our customers the way that we do. Besides, call centers are incredibly expensive, not using them allows us to pass further savings on to you. How do you book with All Inclusive Resorts Inc?

What are you going to pay?

That’s easy, with us there are no hidden taxes or fees; what you see is the price you pay!

Most retailers have decided to take the route of complex booking engines and catchy price headlines that make your vacation look like it’s going to cost you a lot less than they end up charging you. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking the “book it” button only to find that there are taxes and fees that end up adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your vacation.

All of our prices are laid out in easy to read tables. Every price is in US dollars and includes all taxes and hotel fees. You can easily see how much your hotel rooms will cost with the comfort of knowing that there are no costs hidden around the corner. In fact, the only thing we haven’t included in the prices of our rooms is your transfers to and from the airport. We have excluded these because many of you will have this service included with your airfare. If not, we will arrange transfers for you, if you like – for a fraction of what other companies charge.

Testament to our Success: how we became the biggest Caribbean wholesalers

In the last twenty years, we have become the largest hotel room wholesaler in the Caribbean by providing intimate and personalized service to our clients. Rising to the top is a testament to our goal of fulfilling our mandate: delivering the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts at the lowest prices without ever losing our personal contact with our customer base.
Our customer base is constantly growing, but even more gratifying is that over 85% of our customers have booked with us more than once. The amount of repeat customers we have is a further acknowledgement that we took the right path twenty years ago.
We strongly encourage our customers to shop around so that they can be comfortable in knowing that they are getting the lowest price on the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts. However, many of our repeat customers tell us that they don’t bother anymore – they’ve learned that no one can beat our prices.

Where all Other Internet Travel Companies Let you down

Everyone else has over-diversified their product lines; they try to handle all inclusive travel plans to every destination in the world. The result is that they lose the ability to serve their customers and offer the lowest prices. Most of our direct competitors now buy their hotel rooms from us because they haven’t been able to keep up with the monstrous task of flying around the world to secure blocks of rooms.

We’re not complaining, in fact this is how we make most of our profits – selling to our competitors. However, when they sell other wholesalers’ rooms to the public, the rooms are marked up 100%. Add this to the price of call centers and huge national advertising campaigns and you’ve got a Caribbean recipe for disaster; sky-rocketing prices.

All Inclusive Resorts Inc does one thing and one thing only, we sell the best Caribbean all inclusive resorts cheaper than anyone else!

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