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Samana All Inclusive Resorts: A wonderful mix of majestic beauty and adventure.

What's all the buzz about the new Samana All Inclusive Resorts? Samana is Dominican’s Ecotourism paradise for adventure seekers, explorers or those who love to just watch the waves roll in. Samana is definitely one of the most romantic destinations in the Caribbean with a background of serene tropical mountains, white sandy beaches and lively little towns that really evoke the multicultural character of the Caribbean.

This virgin adventure seeker’s paradise is relatively new to most North American tourists, but Europeans have been making the trek to Samana for years. While most All Inclusive Resorts destinations have tried to create activities to support the number of tourists at resorts, the opposite is true of the La Samana area. The activities have always been there and just now are they building up the hotel industry to feed the demand placed on this incredible Ecotourism destination.

Activities and Excursions

Samana All Inclusive Resorts Activities

Visitors can spend their days just staring at the waters of the Caribbean while sipping a Dominican Mamajuana or if you're feeling adventurous, all inclusive resorts Samana is set up for exploring. Nowhere else in the Caribbean is there the amount of activities and excursions that are available in Samana. Mountain bike through tropical rain forests, explore the many caves and mangroves, wonder at the best scuba diving and charter fishing in the Caribbean or discover Los Haitises National Park, the largest in the Caribbean. Rock climbing on Ocean cliffs, horseback riding through mountain trails - you definitely won’t run out of things to do on your All Inclusive Resorts Samana vacation.

Whale Watching


Samana All Inclusive Resorts and Whale Watching go hand in hand.

Samana bay is the best location in the world to watch humpback whales. Every year, humpbacks that have migrated thousands of miles from northern waters show up in the warm turquoise waters of Samana Bay and can be seen by tourists. The Dominican Republic is historically a non-whaling country and have been a world leader in the protection of its whales, enacting whale watching regulations in the 1990s.

Diving and Snorkeling

Samana All Inclusive Resorts Scuba diving and Snorkeling are the best in the Caribbean.

Samana Bay features huge rock cliffs and bluffs that create sheer dropoffs into the beautiful Caribbean waters of the area, with dive depths of 165 feet and the visibility in the range of 150 feet. Scuba diving in Samana offers views that are truly surreal, not to mention that in the winter months divers have the opportunity to hear the humpback whales calling to each other as they swim nearby. The Samana peninsula also offers the best charter fishing on the island with many operators running out of Samana Bay.

Where is Samana

The Samana Peninsula is located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic about 250 km from Santo Domingo. (Map of Samana)

La Samana has been a landing point for European explorers for centuries and all the different cultures have left lasting impressions on the area. The Samana area was also largely settled by emancipated American slaves in the 19th century and to this day many of the residents speak English and have American style names. Samana has a unique history that is both interesting and inviting; renting a jeep and driving through the small ocean villages is a must do on your all inclusive resorts Samana vacation.

Where to stay


Samana All Inclusive Resorts is a relatively new concept for this area as most of the lodging was formerly in small guest-houses or non-inclusive hotels.

Many Samana All Inclusive Resorts are now open and are somewhat tailored for today’s Eco-tourist. Several of the hotels are located on high bluffs above the beach that give the most incredible views of the Caribbean. Don’t worry, you still have incredibly easy access to the beach, even hotels that are located at high elevations like Bahia Principe Cayacoa have created easy to use elevator access to the beach. While being high above the beach seems a little odd, nothing improves a view like elevation – you almost feel like you can see clear to the other side of the Caribbean.

The wonderful part of staying in a location that used to be set up for a non-inclusive hotel industry is that there is no shortage of local restaurants. No matter how good the food offered by the resorts, it’s always nice to try out the local cuisine. A great way to add a little something extra to your vacation without breaking the bank.

Getting There

The accessibility of Samana All Inclusive Resorts is the one reason that this is still an unspoiled and somewhat secret destination.

Getting to Samana has traditionally been a difficult task, you either had to take a small charter from another location in the Dominican or a 4 hour bus ride from Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo. With the opening of El Catey International Airport, the beauties of the Samana peninsula are getting more accessible. This airport now has international flights arriving from several European and Canadian destinations. Flights from the US should be scheduled in the near future. However, even if you need to rent a jeep or take a bus in from another destination, Samana is definitely worth the trip.

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