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Cuba All Inclusive Resorts


Cuba - One of the Best Holiday Destinations in the Caribbean

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Cuba has become one of the best holiday destinations in the Caribbean. 6000 km of amazing almost virgin fine white sandy beaches bathed by incredibly clear turquoisewaters, an extensive and well preserved lush tropical flora, a rich and diverse fauna, beautiful colonial cities and very friendly and welcoming people have called attention of those looking for a Caribbean all inclusive destination, that’s why Cuba All Inclusive Resorts is now our major focus; goes where clients want to go. It is not possible not to fall in love with this small, but charming island.

With a population of over 11 million, Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean. Havana, the capital of this Caribbean destination, and other major cities and small islets like Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Largo, Varadero, Holguin, Cienfuegos, Santa Lucia, Manzanillo, Santiago, are now world known for its natural beauty and tourist attractions and that’s where most Cuba All Inclusive Resorts have gathered.

Getting to Cuba All Inclusive Resorts


It is not difficult to get to Cuba from anywhere in Europe or North America. Almost all major tourist destinations in Cuba have now built their own international airports and they receive daily flights from everywhere in the world.

Havana, the capital of Cuba, also has an international airport that receives daily flights from all over the world. Cubans think that if you come to Cuba and don’t visit Havana, you cannot say you have been to Cuba.

Havana has its charm, its mystery; it has a kind of magnetic hold over its visitors. When you visit Havana once, you have to go back there again. The city is not that far from other tourist destinations, so it would be great to fly into Havana or take a short trip to the capital from any other Cuban destination and add a new flavour to your Caribbean vacation.

Havana, the Capital City of Cuba

Havana, the Capital City, was founded on August 25, 1515 on the South coast of the island and it moved to where it is today in 1519 because of the economic and strategic importance this port had gained. Still now Havana is not only the main port in the country; it is no doubt the leading cultural center in the island.

The history of the city is on the streets, on its fortresses, museums, churches, palaces, squares, avenues. A great effort has been done, especially in the area of Old Havana to preserve this World Heritage and many buildings and interesting sites have been recovered from ruins to show tourists and future generations an image of what Havana was or could still be.

Only a few kilometres away from this colonial area of the city a new Havana has emerged; some new all inclusive resorts have appeared to give tourists the possibility of combining a comfortable stay with exciting escapes to enjoy the charming beauty of the city, its amazing nightlife and its fabulous music.

Havana’s history is not only in its buildings, it is in every corner, in its music, in the way people walk, talk and face life. Cubans are friendly people; and people from Havana are especially proud of their city, so when you visit Cuba they will not only open the doors of their house for you, but also the doors to their hearts. Just knock and get in.

Cuba All Inclusive Resorts Food Options

Cuba All Inclusive Resorts are aware that it is not possible to have a nice stay if food is not good. People in Cuba say that love begins in the kitchen, so Cuba All Inclusive resorts are well known for having excellent food options. Even the fussiest eaters will find a great variety of cuisine to entice their palette.

You can decide to have all your meals at the resort or explore the surroundings and try one of the restaurants around. You will be surprised with Cuban food.

What’s coming next?

Nature Cuba All Inclusive Resorts offer tourists is just magical. You can not only enjoy the thousands of kilometers of amazing, almost virgin white sandy beaches, but there is a lot more Cuba has to offer. You can explore the bottom of the Ocean near the coasts and enjoy the incredible marine life in some of the best coral reefs not only in the Caribbean, but also in the world, or discover unbelievable lush tropical forests, interesting caves, relaxing lagoons, and much more around Cuban resorts. You can also enjoy lots of incredible excursions; go swimming with the dolphins, or watching beautiful flamingos; get familiar with Cuban culture, enjoy Cuban Music and discover Cuban colonial cities.

If you are one of those who prefer staying at the hotel, you will never have to wonder what to do, but what is coming next. Activities galore await you at Cuba All Inclusive resorts. Lots of water and land sports are available and excellent entertainment shows will make you laugh and guarantee you have the time of your life. 

Why choosing Cuba All Inclusive Resorts?

If you want to convince yourself that Cuba is the best option for your next holiday you will never lack reasons: Cuban weather, generally very stable (it is never cold and it is usually bright and sunny), delicious Cuban food, excellent Cuban cheap hotels (big deals compare to other resorts in the Caribbean), friendly welcoming people, breathtaking Cuban beaches and even Cuban topless beaches.  

There are plenty of reasons for you to choose one of Cuba All Inclusive Resorts for your next vacation in this Caribbean Paradise.

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