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Destination Wedding Planning Process Step by Step

Planning a destination wedding requires a lot of work and proficiency.The choices are endless, but you can find your perfect destination and your perfect ceremony. All you need is to follow a Destination Wedding Planning Process Step by Step.


A destination wedding planning process step by step is indispensable in all cases. If you follow this process step by step, it will be easier for you to reach your goal.Here are the steps you should follow to plan your destination wedding:

  • Think about your options. You can plan your destination wedding yourself or you could choose an All-Inclusive Resort or a wedding planner; both of them offer different wedding packages with very good deals for you and your guests, so you will not take risks. If you decide to do it by yourself, it requires a lot of time and expertise as there are many things that you need to take into consideration. However, All-Inclusive Resort or a wedding planners offer wedding packages that include all the niceties required for the wedding, as well as wedding coordinators. They are prepared to handle every aspect of this major occasion in a more practical and cost-effective way. A destination wedding planning process step by step is essential even if you have your wedding coordinator, as you need to take certain decisions.
  • Choose the right destination wedding location to suit your needs and expectations. While a destination wedding can take place anywhere in the world, there are some locations that are much more popular than others. If you want your destination wedding on the beach or in an upscale All-Inclusive Resort, then you should look for destinations such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico or the Bahamas. Hawaii will be marvellous if you are looking for an exotic place; while if your dream destination is a place where you can enjoy the spell of old world's great cities, then choose Rome, with its great monuments and works of art, or the fabulous and romantic city of Paris. Both will be perfect options.
  • One of the best things about a destination wedding is partly because of price and partly because it incorporates your wedding, honeymoon and a family holiday all in one. Once you have chosen the right destination wedding location, make sure you choose an All- Inclusive Resort or hotel that fits your requirements. Guarantee that the wedding date is available at the hotel. There are a limited number of judges to perform ceremonies and wedding dates start to disappear a year in advance.
  • Weddings on the beach are for direct family and close friends. Create a list of “must invite” guests and check if they would be able to make it.
  • Although destination weddings can be cheaper, when considering a destination wedding planning process step by step you will have to keep your budget in mind and stick to it. You will also need to consider your guests' budgets, as your dream resort may be too expensive for your favorite friends and family; you should plan it together to guarantee the result exceeds their expectations.
  • Decide whether you want a civil or religious ceremony at the beginning of the planning process. If you are looking for a religious ceremony, keep in mind that not every destination offers the same religious services. So, you need to make your destination as well as your All-Inclusive Resort or hotel a part of your selection.
  • You must make sure you know and follow the marriage laws of the country you intend to marry in. There are many wedding destinations all around, but some destinations are more difficult for a wedding than others because of language or wedding regulations. Make sure that your marriage can be authenticated to be registered in your country. Many countries are legally quite easy to get married in; you will just need a short residency requirement before your destination wedding ceremony takes place.
  • Give your family and guests a hint about the dress code for the event. Choose a set of invitations that reflect the wedding’s theme as well as the formality of the event. So, if you have decided to get married on the beach, where the sun, the soft sand, the provocative color of the waters as well as a beachfront All-Inclusive Resort are an excellent choice, your wedding invitations should reflect this theme as well as the formality of your ceremony and reception.
  • Keep your wedding essentials in your carry-on luggage. Plan for the unexpected so as not to forget your wedding rings. It would be terrible!
  • After the wedding ceremony and reception, an important thing you will have to remember most of the marvellous moments of your dream wedding day is your wedding album. So, it is important to accomplish spectacular photos to make these moments unforgettable.
  • Hold a party when you get back for all the people that could not come to your wedding.

We hope our destination wedding planning process step by step can help you to surpass your expectations and have the wedding of your dreams!

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